Automated Rent Collection With Real-Time Notifications

You know which rent payments to expect by when. We’ll make your life easier by reminding you of that, and by automatically reconciling all payments with the relevant tenancy and property. We’ll notify you of any payments you’ve received. We’ll also let you know of any late, partial or missing payments. Save time and money with our automated rent collection app.

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Never miss a payment with our automated rent collection service

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Stay up-to-date with rent payments by property

Hammock will manage bookkeeping for you, in real-time. Any incoming payment will automatically be reconciled with the relevant tenancy and property, so you’ll know exactly which payments are received and which ones are still pending. 


We'll keep track of rent arrears balances

We’ll keep tabs on real-time payments, and we’ll also give you access to an up-to-date overview of any outstanding balances or any partial payments made in the past. 

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What Landlords Say About Us

  • “Unbelievable, It keeps getting better! I’m going to have no boring admin tasks left”

    Will, Hull
  • “Extremely easy to use, the rent checking is amazing, it takes a weight off my mind.”

    Saul, London
    MD, AS Financial
  • “Hammock is the best thing I’ve seen out there.”

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    Matthew, London
  • “I now feel like I’m in control, which i wasn’t before. And my tax return used to take 2 or 3 days and now will take half an hour.”

    Clive, Prenton
  • “Hammock is like a dream come true, it’s just what I’ve been looking for.”

    Jonathan, Brighton
  • “I love getting a text message when a rent payment hits my account.”

    Marlon, London
  • “Hammock helps me track my P&L easily and has made my tax return so much simpler.”

    Adnan, London
  • “I LOVE it, it’s everything we need as landlords. Finally, tech comes to Property!!”

    landlord accountant
    Tej, London


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