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How to file your landlord taxes, stress-free

Jon has been a landlord since 2013. As many Hammock users, Jon has to juggle a demanding full-time job and the responsibilities that come with being a landlord. For years, on top of his usual packed schedule, Jon would have to chase paperwork as the impending tax deadline got closer. Somehow, the time was never...
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Landlord Advice: How to Save Money & Increase Profits

If you’re a private landlord, you’re probably feeling the squeeze from the new tax rules that are coming into effect. In buy-to-let land, we’re used to adapting to new regulations but now more than ever, it’s important to be keeping a close eye on your business. Being a professional or part-time landlord isn’t the same...
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Landlord Tax Relief for Beginners: Rules & Changes for 2020

Important changes are happening in 2020, and they'll affect how tax relief applies to landlords. Learn more about the upcoming changes in this article.
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Open Banking: What is it, and how does it help landlords?

Landlords often ask us about Open Banking and how we use it to help our customers at Hammock. We wrote this article to give anyone wondering about this a firm handle on what goes on “behind the scenes” of Hammock’s platform. Image by Expect Best from Pexels Open Banking is an easy and secure way...
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