Goodbye Spreadsheets,
Hello Real-Time Bookkeeping

We help you leave the spreadsheets behind and make paper notes a thing of the past. Hammock provides real-time bookkeeping for landlords with instant reconciliation of transactions at a single property level as well as for the full portfolio.

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Ideal for landlords who file their own taxes

Perfect for accountants who work with landlords

Prepare your taxes in 30 minutes

Manoj, our CEO, used to spend at least 6 hours a year on the bookkeeping for his rental properties, just to make sure he had not missed any transactions and that his spreadsheet was duly filled in. By switching to Hammock and its dedicated bookkeeping for landlords, he’s cut the time to prepare his landlords tax statement to 30 minutes. Once he shared the tax statement with his accountant, he was done with taxes. That’s a lot of time he freed up from admin tasks to focus on managing his property portfolio.

Never chase the tax deadline again

Jon managed the bookkeeping of his rental properties with spreadsheets and notes. As many other landlords, every year he found himself chased by his accountant as anxiety mounted and the tax deadline approached. Hammock allowed him to deliver all the information about his property finances to his accountant (unprompted!) and file his taxes in April, as soon as the previous tax year was over.

Jon used Hammock's bookkeeping for landlords to save time on his taxes

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