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Parasite open cover

What is it really like to be a (secret) landlord?

We like landlords. We speak with landlords all day, every day: we talk about their challenges, their doubts and their successes. Our company was created by Manoj, our CEO, who is a landlord, and we have landlords in Team Hammock. So we know a thing or two about landlords. We know that being a landlord...
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small landlord growing portfolio

How small landlords can grow their property portfolio with Hammock

Landlords with large portfolios or small landlords, we created Hammock to help all landlords save time and money in the management of their property finances. The admin required to keep the cash flow in check and to stay on top of bookkeeping can easily absorb all of a landlord’s energy. This is clearly a big...
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best rental software

How to file your tax on rental income, stress-free

Jon has been a landlord since 2013. As many Hammock users, Jon has to juggle a demanding full-time job and the responsibilities that come with being a landlord. For years, on top of his usual packed schedule, Jon would have to chase paperwork for his tax on rental income as the impending tax deadline got...
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