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Hammock Landlord App

The Hammock mobile app - for Hammock users only

Hammock is already mobile-friendly: you can access it anytime on your desktop, tablet or mobile.

However, we wanted to give you an even smoother experience on mobile, with push notifications and even easier real-time access. That’s what our mobile apps are for.

On iOS and Android. Our apps will be available both on the Apple Store and on Google Play, once released. In the meantime, we’ll invite iOS users to TestFlight and Android users to our test group.

For Hammock users. You’ll need an active Hammock account to access the app. Start your 30-day free trial before downloading the app, if you haven’t already.

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We Help Landlords Save Time and Money

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Current Account & Card

No more browsing through multiple bank statements, no more collating expenses from different accounts: Hammock helps you keep on top of all your property finances, all in one place.

Rent Collection

We’ll notify you every time the rent is paid and we’ll send you reminders for any missing payments. You’ll always be updated in real-time.


Money in and money out, all duly recorded. With Hammock you can reconcile all payments as they happen, so as the tax season approaches, you can file in no time and relax.

Financial Indicators

Profit and loss, Loan To Value Ratio, occupancy rate and much more. You’ll have all you need to know about your properties always on your fingertips.

You May Have Spotted Us In The Media

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Don't have a Hammock account yet?

You’ll need an active Hammock account to access and use the mobile app.

Get started now with our 30-day free trial to save time and money in the management of your property finances (and to access the mobile app, of course).


We take security seriously

We use banking grade technology to protect our customers and employees. We have an end to end encryption and we also use two-factor authentication for sensitive actions. We are also FCA Registered (no. 911254).


We use various cybersecurity practices and we hire cybersecurity specialists and tools to ensure we are security first. Our technology team is the largest team in our company for a good reason. We also have 24/7 monitoring and do cybersecurity penetration testing frequently. We are incredibly proud of our tech philosophy and compliance monitoring. 

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What Landlords Say About Us

  • “Extremely easy to use, the rent checking is amazing, it takes a weight off my mind.”

    Saul, London
    MD, AS Financial
  • “Hammock is the best thing I’ve seen out there.”

    current account bank
    Matthew, London
  • “I now feel like I’m in control, which i wasn’t before. And my tax return used to take 2 or 3 days and now will take half an hour.”

    Clive, Prenton
  • “Hammock is like a dream come true, it’s just what I’ve been looking for.”

    Jonathan, Brighton
  • “I love getting a text message when a rent payment hits my account.”

    Marlon, London
  • “Hammock helps me track my P&L easily and has made my tax return so much simpler.”

    Adnan, London


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