Securely connect your bank accounts

It only takes a few seconds to connect your UK bank accounts via Open Banking. You’ll have real-time access to your transactions, and there’s no limit to how many bank accounts you can connect. It’s reliable, fast and secure (you’ll never share your credentials with us)

secure bank account connection at Hammock
instant rent transaction notification at Hammock

Get richer instant notifications

Hammock automatically reconciles your payments, so our instant notifications will tell you who paid you and in relation to which property

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The current account for landlords

As landlords, we wished there would have been a current account designed for us. There wasn’t one, so we made it. Personal or business current account, we’ve got you covered.

Hammock current account Card
  • “I own multiple properties so getting notifications about which tenants have paid their rent has been so helpful for me. Hammock doesn’t just tell me that money is in, it links the payment to the right tenancy straight away.”

    Hakeem, Welwyn Garden City
  • “I love not having to check 3 separate bank statements every time. Hammock gives me the full list of all of my property payments and makes it easy to filter and search.”

    Jane, Portsmouth

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