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Register your rental properties

Enter the address of your properties and they’ll appear on your account in an instant. You can also assign multiple owners, including limited companies with shareholders.

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Assign tenancies to your rental properties

Individual tenants, HMO’s, properties managed by letting agents: Hammock can help you track rent payments for all kinds of tenancies.

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Connect your bank feeds

Securely connect your bank feeds. Hammock will spot any transactions related to your rental properties in real-time.

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Automated Bookkeeping

Hammock will automatically identify recurring transactions and reconcile them with the relevant properties and tenants. Any late or missing payments feed into our rental arrears tracker.

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Property Tax Statements

Hammock’s bookkeeping matches your transactions with the SA105 (property income) categories. This means that you get full visibility on your property tax statement to plan ahead and avoid any last minute surprise tax bills.

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Buy-to-let Investment Insights

The Hammock dashboard gives you real-time access to the key metrics to track your buy to let investment. Profit and loss statements, loan to value ratio, rental yields, occupancy rates: our calculator does it all for you.

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