Goodbye spreadsheet, hello real-time accounting software for landlords

No more spreadsheets & manual data entry with our easy-to-use real-time income and expense tracking.

Track all income and expenses for your rental properties in real time

Reduce the need for spreadsheets, manual data entry and costly errors with our automatic monitoring of all your transactions. All transactions are automatically reconciled and matched to the right category. Includes smart financial insights via your Hammock dashboard.

It takes just a few seconds to set up.

Never miss a payment or deductible expense with instant notifications

Hammock will automatically identify recurring transactions and reconcile them with the relevant properties and tenants. You’ll receive relevant notifications and any late or missing payments feed into our rental arrears tracker.

Save invoices and receipts as you receive them

No more browsing through folders and drawers to find all receipts: in Hammock you can attach them to the relevant transaction as you receive them. Your records will always be up-to-date.

24/7 portfolio performance

Access your insights dashboard to track your key buy-to-let metrics, including profit and loss statements, loan to value ratio, rental yields and occupancy rates.

Our reports are designed specifically for landlords, including our advanced tax reports.

More accurate financial data - smarter decisions

By holding more accurate and detailed financial data through Hammock, you can spend less time on manual income expense tracking, and more time making better, informed decisions to maximise your ROI.

You can also invite your accountant to work with your property finances in real time.

Moving towards digital record keeping will ensure you’re ready for Making Tax Digital legislation that comes into effect in 2026.

We integrate with
50+ UK bank and
credit card accounts

It’s fast and secure!


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How do I sign up to Hammock?

Just register here, you’ll be up and running in minutes. And if you have any questions, we’re always just a click away on our live chat (9am -6pm, Mon-Fri) or at

You can access Hammock from your browser on PC, mobile or tablet anytime as well as on our mobile apps for Apple and Android.

What does Hammock do?

Hammock is the accounting platform for landlords. We provide bookkeeping, tax statements and property investment metrics (loan to value ratio, rental yields, profit and loss, arrears balance and more) for landlords. We’ll help you get rid of the spreadsheets and paper notes, by giving you real-time access to their rental income and expenses. We’ll also make sure that you stay on top of compliance, sending you notifications and alerts about expiring documents and certificates.

How does Hammock work?

Hammock uses technology to monitor and reconcile all property-related payments in real time.

It only takes a quick setup:

1. Register a property;

2. Add a tenancy;

3. Track a rent payment.

All set! Hammock will then automatically monitor your rental payments, send you notifications as they happen (or as soon as they’re late/missing) and reconcile transactions in real-time.

Who can use Hammock?

If you manage a property (or more), collect rent and pay taxes, Hammock is for you.

Is Hammock secure?

Security is of paramount importance to us, and we take the safety of your financial data very seriously.

  • Hammock is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (register no. 911254) for the provision of account information services;
  • We have read-only access to your data; no payments can be initiated from your Hammock account;
  • Your Hammock account credentials and login details are encrypted.

If you would like to learn more about our security processes or have any further questions then please contact us:

Manage all of your property finances in one place

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24/7 investment insights
Access your insights dashboard to track your key buy-to-let metrics, including profit and loss statements, loan to value ratio, rental yields and occupancy rates.
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Property tax statements
Get full visibility on your property tax statement and prepare for your tax return throughout the year. Capture all your receipts and records and keep an eye on your taxable income and expenses.
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About Hammock

Hammock is the accounting platform for UK landlords. From a single platform, landlords can manage all transactions related to their rental properties, access automated bookkeeping services and keep track of their property tax statement. Landlords can securely connect unlimited bank feeds (we are FCA registered no.
911254) to bring all their property finances in one place.

Tracked in real-time

All rent payments, together with other incoming and outgoing transactions for all properties in a landlord’s portfolio, are then tracked in Hammock and reconciled in real-time.

Automated bookkeeping

Hammock’s automated bookkeeping matches incoming and outgoing payments with the relevant properties and tenants, all in real-time. This means that landlords will not have to browse through bank statements, finding and highlighting expected transactions and painstakingly tracking any late or missing ones. Hammock will reduce all the time spent on administrative tasks for property finances to a quick tap on the phone (we have mobile apps for both Apple and Android devices) and a scan of a landlord’s reconciled transactions.

Property tax statements

All the payments reconciled then feed directly into the property tax statement, where they are mapped against the categories of the SA105 form (the document to fill for those who have income from property). The tax statement is updated in real-time, so landlords will have no surprise tax bills to deal with. Hammock also provides an estimate of the total amount of the tax bill and gives landlords an option to save over time, so funds dedicated to paying tax are stored away during the year, instead of being chased last minute.

Investment insights

The reconciled payments also feed the Hammock insights, that display in real-time all the key metrics to monitor for buy to let investments. Loan to value ratio, profit and loss statements, rental yields and more are available 24/7 and refreshed in real-time.

Instant notifications

Landlords receive instant notifications about all payments, and also periodic summaries and statements to keep tabs on their cash flow. Hammock keeps a running total of the arrears balance per property and per tenant, making it easy to spot any missing payments immediately and to agree on repayment plans.