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Buy To Let Return

The Hammock dashboard gives you a rental yield calculator, loan to value ratio, occupancy rates, and all the data you need to measure the return on your buy to let investment in real-time.

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Loan-To-Value Ratio (LTV)

One of the key metrics to measure your borrowing potential and to make smart decisions about your buy to let mortgages as time evolves. On the Hammock dashboard you can easily measure the evolution of your Loan To Value (LTV) ratio. Read more about LTV.


Rental Yield Calculator

Your property is in good shape, you’ve found a good tenant and rent payments are coming on time. All is working well, but how much money are you making, exactly? Just log in to your Hammock account and you’ll find your answer there, updated in real-time thanks to our automated bookkeeping. If you’re wondering what a good yield looks like, this is an interesting thread to read.

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Rent Arrears Balance

Rent payments are recurring, for a set amount on a set schedule, so making sure that you’ve received all the due rent at the right time doesn’t sound like a lot of work. In reality, life happens all the time (particularly during this COVID-19 crisis) and payments may be late, partial or even missing altogether. Hammock tracks the balance for each tenant, so you always know if there are situations that require your attention.

Occupancy Rates

Any time one of a landlord’s properties is empty, the landlord is losing money. Immediately the council tax bill starts running, energy contracts are to be honoured and the landlord’s investment isn’t yielding any returns. The Hammock dashboard gives you an instant overview of any properties of yours that are vacant and need new tenants.

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  • “Unbelievable, It keeps getting better! I’m going to have no boring admin tasks left”

    Will, Hull
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    Saul, London
    MD, AS Financial
  • “Hammock is the best thing I’ve seen out there.”

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    Matthew, London
  • “I now feel like I’m in control, which i wasn’t before. And my tax return used to take 2 or 3 days and now will take half an hour.”

    Clive, Prenton
  • “Hammock is like a dream come true, it’s just what I’ve been looking for.”

    Jonathan, Brighton
  • “I love getting a text message when a rent payment hits my account.”

    Marlon, London
  • “Hammock helps me track my P&L easily and has made my tax return so much simpler.”

    Adnan, London
  • “I LOVE it, it’s everything we need as landlords. Finally, tech comes to Property!!”

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