Profit and loss statements for each property

All income, expenses and relative balance are recorded in real-time for each individual property, and summarised at a portfolio level

view profit and loss statement available for landlords at Hammock
loan to value ratio calculation for landlords at Hammock

Loan-to-value Ratio (LTV)

Track how the valuations of your properties evolve over time and keep them in perspective with our real-time LTV calculations

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Rental yield calculator

Easily compare the performance of different properties and get actionable insights with our real-time rental yield calculator

rental yield calculator available at Hammock
check rent arrears balance with Hammock

Rent arrears balance

We help you keep track of all payments for any tenancy with a real-time running balance together with the history and breakdown of each transaction.

Occupancy Rates

 Identify any properties with prolonged void periods, or any with tenancies expiring soon.

occupancy rate summary, tenancy expiry and void period notification
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    “Having a profit & loss statement for each of my properties has been great to understand the performance of my portfolio.”

    Adrian, Henley on Thames
  • “I’ve never enjoyed having to calculate rental yields or LTV. Hammock now does it automatically for me, what a relief.”

    Peter, London

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