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Get rental income and expenses updates in real-time

Get ahead of the tax deadline headaches

Get ahead of the tax deadline headaches

Find a recap of taxable rental income and allowable expenses, together with the detail of each categorised transaction. All the information is ready for you and your accountant to review.

Recommended by Sage and accountants

Recommended by Sage and accountants

Hammock is the the software of choice to manage rental income and expenses for Sage and for leading accountants in the UK.

Weekends are not for admin work - let us do the heavy lifting

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Weekends are not for admin work - let us do the heavy lifting

In 5mins Hammock can sync with your transaction history, no need to download bank statements. Don’t spend the weekend looking for transactions in multiple bank accounts. Hammock handles arrears and missing payments, and even provides reports to share with your accountant.

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Real-time notifications for rental payments

Real-time notifications for rental payments

Get real-time notifications for all your property income and expenses payments. Rent payments and all recurring expenses are reconciled automatically with the relevant property and tenancy.

No more spreadsheets and paper notes

No more spreadsheets and paper notes

Hammock gives you real-time access to your rental income and expenses, 24/7, both via web and on mobile app.

Reminders for expiring documents

Reminders for expiring documents

Stay on top of compliance with Hammock’s document storage and calendar reminders. Upload your insurance policies, gas safety certificates and other documents, set their expiry date and Hammock will send you reminders as the expiry date approaches.

No more last-minute rush ahead of tax filing!

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No more last-minute rush ahead of tax filing!

Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets, forgotten expenses and loose receipts with our easy-to-use app that helps stay on top of your rental income and expenses.

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Trusted by leading accounting firms across the UK

An easy app for your properties

Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets, forgotten expenses and loose receipts with our easy-to-use app that helps stay on top of your rental income and expenses

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Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital for ITSA will come into effect in April 2026, affecting more than four million landlords. Our HMRC-approved software for MTD is specifically built to support landlords and their accountants through this transition.

What landlords say about us

Extremely easy to use, the rent checking is amazing, it takes a weight off my mind.

Saul London

Hammock is like a dream come true, it’s just what I've been looking for.

Jonathan Brighton

Hammock is the best thing I’ve seen out there.

Matthew London

I love getting a text message when a rent payment hits my account.

Marlon London

I now feel like I’m in control, which I wasn't before. And my tax return used to take 2 or 3 days and now will take half an hour.

Clive Prenton

Hammock helps me track my P&L easily and has made my tax return so much simpler.

Adnan London

About Hammock

Hammock is the accounting platform for UK landlords. From a single platform, landlords can manage all transactions related to their rental properties, access automated bookkeeping services and keep track of their property tax statement. Landlords can securely connect unlimited bank feeds (we are FCA registered no. 911254) to bring all their property finances in one place.

Categorised in real-time

All rent payments, together with other incoming and outcoming transactions for all properties in a landlord’s portfolio, are then categorised in Hammock and reconciled in real-time.

Automated bookkeeping

Hammock’s automated bookkeeping matches incoming and outgoing payments with the relevant properties and tenants, all in real-time. This means that landlords will not have to browse through bank statements, finding and highlighting expected transactions and painstakingly tracking any late or missing ones. Hammock will reduce all the time spent on administrative tasks for property finances to a quick tap on the phone (we have mobile apps for both Apple and Android devices) and a scan of a landlord’s reconciled transactions.

Property tax statements

All the payments reconciled then feed directly into the property tax statement, where they are mapped against the categories of the SA105 form (the document to fill for those who have income from property). The tax statement is updated in real-time, so landlords will have no surprise tax bills to deal with. Hammock also provides an estimate of the total amount ot the tax bill and gives landlords an option to save over time, so funds dedicated to paying tax are stored away during the year, instead ot being chased
last minute.

Investment insights

The reconciled payments also feed the Hammock insights, that display in real-time all the key metrics to monitor for buy to let investments. Loan to value ratio, profit and loss statements, rental yields and more are available 24/7 and refreshed in real-time.

Instant notifications

Landlords receive instant notifications about all payments, and also periodic summaries and statements to keep tabs on their cash flow. Hammock keeps a running total of the arrears balance per property and per tenant, making it easy to spot any missing payments immediately and to agree on repayment plans.